Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Winning Short - Logorama - Here for the Long Run

I was one of the lucky few...I managed to watch this Oscar nominated and ultimately Oscar winning short before it was removed from youtube. Yeah, now it is no longer available due to copyright claims etc. What you see above is the trailer. The "trailer" of a "short"! The short gets shorter. Remember we are in the world of "tweets" now. No more than 160 characters please. 

Anyway, the idea here is the all pervasive "LOGO". I think anyone who has ever worked in an ad agency will agree with me on the "make the logo bigger" refrain from clients. Even big brands are not spared.

The art of creating a logo is not easy and it has a science behind it. Ever wondered how some logos get imprinted in your minds? Well, those are the best ones actually.

Anyway, logos are an integral part of branding and they are here to stay. So are shorts by the way!


  1. But did you notice that on company t-shirts and golf shirts the higher the rank of the employee, the smaller the logo.

  2. I did not notice that! Thanks for pointing going to watch the clip again.